Workshops are where attendees who desire to engage in thoughtful discussion go to learn how God uses gospel-centered mission to address the deep spiritual needs of the world around us.

Titles and Descriptions

Apologetics – Identity: The bible teaches us that who we are actually shapes what we do.  Learn how to develop a biblical response to the contemporary questions surrounding identity by addressing the question of “Who am I, In Christ?”

Cultural Engagement: Learn how you can utilize your gifts, time, and relationships to speak into the culture to make a difference for the Gospel.

Global Missions:  Learn what God is doing all around the world through His people, and how you can be involved in reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus.

The Middle School Missionary: This special workshop track is specifically designed to engage the middle school student.  Come and learn about what God is doing both locally and internationally, and how middle school students can be involved in sharing the gospel TODAY!

Mission-Minded Women – Ladies, both young and old, this workshop track is for you. Want to learn why God is calling you to the foreign mission field, how to prepare for it, or what it takes to break down the cultural barriers specific to women in another country?  Listen to both missionaries and mission coaches  on how to address these and many other issues surrounding women in missions and ministry.

Student’s On Mission – HIGH SCHOOL: This workshop is dedicated to teaching highschool aged students about practical ways you as a student can be involved in the Mission Field around you today.

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Student Connexion strives to provide a launching point for youth into a lifetime involvement of SERVING JESUS through missions and ministry by connecting them with the mission field of TODAY! Join us on November 6-7, 2020!

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