To provide a launching point for youth into a lifetime involvement of SERVING JESUS through missions and ministry by connecting them with the mission field of TODAY!


Our purpose is to CHALLENGE students, ages 10-20, to give their life for a CAUSE that is greater than anything they may have previously thought of or imagined.  The CAUSE is the proclamation of the gospel of JESUS CHRIST to the whole world. We are intentionally seeking out students who are ready to go far beyond anything their iPhones, XBoxes, girlfriends, boyfriends, sports, clubs or even their college plans could ever offer them!  The CHALLENGE is for students to live an Acts 1:8 lifestyle.

Plenary Speakers

Our opening event will take place on Friday night, with three additional events throughout the day on Saturday. You don’t want to miss a single minute since you will get to hear dynamic speakers, experience amazing worship, and be motivated by student testimonies.

mary wilder

Dr. Mary Wilder

WorldVenture and Western Seminary (Ret.)/Medical Missionary and Professor

Don’t let the gray hair fool you; our next speaker is as witty as they come.  ‘Dr Mary’, as she likes to be called, has years of mission experience and even more years interacting with students.  She loves to make you laugh, crack jokes and tell you how to pronounce the word PAKISTAN properly.  Back by popular demand. 

rod powell

Rod Powell

East West Ministry Int’l/Central Asia Field Worker

Rod came to Christ as a college student and was captured by God’s vision to reach lost people with the good news of salvation.

Rod and his wife Margi (parents of two adult children and grandparents as well) have spent most of their adult lives serving the Lord on the foreign mission field.  For over 35 years they have called a lot of places home, including the United Kingdom, Russia and Israel.  If you want to carry on a conversation with him, he’d be delighted to teach you a few words in Russian or Hebrew. (He speaks both fluently.) Or, ask him about the Israeli Road Bike Championship he won.  Go ahead…ask!

darryl smith

Darryl Smith

US Leadership Team, Cru

Darryl, a native of Tennessee, became a Christ-follower in 1991.  His conversion story is one of the most unique you will ever encounter and you won’t want to miss the telling of it on Friday night of the conference. He and his wife have been on staff with Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) since 1996.  Along the way he has partnered with students to start gospel-centered movements on their campuses throughout the United States and for a number of years directed the high school ministry of Cru.  Darryl currently speaks not only to student audiences in high schools and colleges, and to those on collegiate teams (even professional football teams!), but he also presents to audiences in churches across America. 
rod powell

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