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To provide a launching point for youth into a lifetime involvement of SERVING JESUS through missions and ministry by connecting them with the mission field of TODAY!


Our purpose is to CHALLENGE middle and high school aged students, to give their life for a CAUSE that is greater than anything they may have previously thought of or imagined. The CAUSE is the proclamation of the gospel of JESUS CHRIST to the whole world. We are intentionally seeking out students who are ready to go far beyond anything their iPhones, XBoxes, girlfriends, boyfriends, sports, clubs or even their college plans could ever offer them! The CHALLENGE is for students to live an Acts 1:8 lifestyle.

ConneXion Values

Priority — Mission Connexion is a Biblically-based; Spirit-led, and prayer-empowered mobilizing movement that elevates the necessity and priority of missions in the local church.
Holistic — We operate in a holistic mindset where Sending, Giving, Praying, Funding, Training, Going, and all the other multi-faceted roles of the body of Christ are mobilized to fulfill the Great Commission.

Local Church Driven — We lift up and focus on, the role of the local Church as the center of missions engagement, calling for action and sacrifice on the part of all so that the church can fulfill its calling.

Unity & Collaboration — We promote and encourage multi-church and multi-agency participation in a collaborative and unified approach, connecting people to opportunities and discovering their God-given role in missions both locally and across the globe.

Relational — We are supported, implemented and dependent upon volunteers and area churches. We respect the diversity in the body of Christ while promoting unity in our common task of taking the gospel of the Kingdom to every tongue, tribe, people and nation.

How We Challenge Students – D.E.C.K

Student ConneXion is a call that will capture the imagination and the heart of the student who loves the Lord and goes to church, but who may have never have actualized their faith in Christ by embracing the CHALLENGE to give his or her life fully to the cause of the gospel. Student ConneXion is a place where students will be challenged to go far beyond anything their smart phones, XBoxes, girlfriends, boyfriends, sports, clubs or even their college plans could offer them! Student ConneXion is NOT a youth event that is based around catchy speakers, exciting bands, and baseless emotional appeals. INSTEAD Student ConneXion will sponsor events that will CHALLENGE students to live an Acts 1:8 lifestyle by:

  1. DISCUSS the spiritual needs of the world around us (Romans 3:23).
  2. EDUCATE students in how God uses missions to meet these spiritual needs (Acts 13-28)
  3. CONNECT students to the countless ways/opportunities in which they can actively participate in the mission field throughout the world today (Matthew 28:16-20).
  4. KNOW that God uses discipleship as the means of getting You(th) on mission for Him (Matthew 4:19-20)

…or as we like to call it: D.E.C.K.

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