Plenary Speakers

Our speakers all have different backgrounds and stories, but they are Christians who are committed to spreading the good news of the Gospel to all nations.

Alin Vrancila

Alin Vrancila

Vice President of Jessup Global, Jessup University

Alin Vrancila serves as the Vice President of Jessup Global. With over a decade of experience teaching both residentially and online, Alin’s expertise lies at the intersection of technology, ministry, and education. He holds a diverse academic background with degrees in computer science, intercultural and international studies, and online education.
Beyond his academic endeavors, Alin is deeply committed to community development in South Sudan, where he actively engages in humanitarian work through his role as CEO of Grain for Pain, a non-profit organization operating in Uganda and South Sudan. His dedication to education and service extends to his leadership at Jessup University, where he has played a pivotal role in advancing the institution’s mission of faith, learning, and integration.

Alin leads the youth ministry at Agape Bible Church, and he is also serving the church at large with Useful To God, a Christian think-tank that is making a significant impact in the world.

Alongside his wife Dianne and their four children, Josephine, Isla, Christopher, and Henry, Alin resides in Portland, Oregon, where he continues to inspire others through his dedication to Christian mission, education, and community empowerment.

Favorite movie genre and favorite movie:I either like a good action movie (Equalizer) or a great drama-comedy (The Train of Life -Le Train du Vie))

Favorite Ethnic Food: Vinete (Romanian dish, eggplant spread)

How you like to spend your free time when you aren’t speaking at Student ConneXion: RV’ing with our family and droning

Josh White

Josh White

Lead Pastor, Door of Hope Church

Josh White is the founding pastor of Door of Hope Church and Deeper Well Records in Portland, OR. As a song writer and recording artist for Tooth and Nail and Deeper Well, Josh has released 8 albums over the last 15 years as well as writing for other artists, such as Liz Vice. When not making music or running the church, Josh loves to spend his time reading and hanging out with his wife, Darcy and 2 children, Henry and Hattie.

Favorite movie genre and favorite movie: Drama, No Country for Old Men

Favorite Ethnic Food: Thai

How you like to spend your free time when you aren’t speaking at Student ConneXion: Hangout with family, read, & make music

Kevin Young

Kevin Young

National Director high school ministry, Cru

Kevin and his wife Ginnette began their work with young people in 1983, and have served in Minnesota, San Diego, Orlando, and New York City before moving to their present assignment, in Austin Texas, in 2022. Kevin directs the high school ministry of Cru, presently on 175 campuses across the country and around the world. Kevin has held numerous roles within the organization, including national training director, city director of San Diego and Orlando, Urban Design team chairman, national prayer coordinator and regional director. In the long run, Kevin & Ginnette envision a day that spiritual movements of young people are profoundly affecting the middle and high school campuses across the country.

The present vision of Cru is to see 300 launched movements by the year 2030, by giving away what we do best. The best of what we do is evangelism, finding audience, building community, and sharing Christ at the first good opportunity. But we don’t stop there. We believe that young people, when properly discipled and trained are the best hands and feet of Jesus to their peers. In movement after movement, we see profound impact on schools and communities when caring adults empower young people to lead.

Favorite movie genre and favorite movie: Taut suspenseful thrillers-The talented Mr. Ripley

Favorite Ethnic Food: Anything Asian

How you like to spend your free time when you aren’t speaking at Student ConneXion: Writing, photopraphy, playing with my 8 grandchildren!

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