Student ConneXion is a call that will capture the imagination and the heart of the student who loves the Lord and goes to church, but who may have never have actualized their faith in Christ by embracing the CHALLENGE to give his or her life fully to the cause of the gospel. Student ConneXion is a place where students will be challenged to go far beyond anything their iPhones, XBoxes, girlfriends, boyfriends, sports, clubs or even their college plans could offer them!  Student ConneXion is NOT a youth event that is based around catchy speakers, exciting bands, and baseless emotional appeals. INSTEAD Student ConneXion will sponsors events that will CHALLENGE students to live an Acts 1:8 lifestyle by:

  1. DISCUSSING the spiritual needs of the world around us (Romans 3:23).
  2. EDUCATING students in how God uses missions to meet these spiritual needs (Acts 13-28)
  3. CONNECTING students to the countless ways/opportunities in which they can actively participate in the mission field throughout the world today (Matthew 28:16-20).
  4. KNOWING that God uses discipleship as the means of getting You(th) on mission for Him (Matthew 4:19-20)

…or as we like to call it: D.E.C.K.

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