Tom Ives, President, Reign Ministries

Tom Ives

I am president of Reign Ministries and have been working with students and leading missions trips for 35 years. I grew up in a non-believing family but made a decision to become a Christ follower when I was 24 years old. Before becoming a Christian I sold diamonds, waited tables at a four star hotel in the highlands of Scotland, worked on kibbutz in Israel (a communal farm), and shoveled dirt on an archeological dig in the Sinai desert. I’d tell you how many countries I’ve been to but I’ve lost track. However, if it counts I’ve been three countries that no longer exist and every continent except Antarctica.

I’ve been too busy to write any books, but I’ve spoken exhaustively on missions, grace, loving and caring for the body of Christ, and the need to forgive and be forgiven. I’m passionate about encouraging students to love the Word of God and really know it…not just be familiar with it as most people are. Oh, I almost forgot, I love China and Chinese food!

Main Stage Speech: “Mission trips are more dangerous than you think, but in amazing ways you won’t expect!”
Workshop: What You Want To Know Before You Go…From A Pro. The critical, essential, and practical things you want to know before you go to help you make the most of your mission trip.

Dr. Greg Burch, Director of MAGDJ Program, Chair of Global Studies Department, Multnomah University

Dr. Greg BurchGreg has been working in different roles with children at risk since 1995. Greg and his family lived in Venezuela and Costa Rica where they were involved in ministry with street-living children and training missionaries and others in serving vulnerable children around the world. Greg is now a professor and chair of the Global Studies department at Multnomah University focused on preparing future generations of mission-minded cross-cultural workers. Greg went to college at Multnomah and holds a Master’s degree and Ph.D. from Fuller Theological Seminary in Intercultural Studies. He is married to Christina and together they have two children and live in Oregon City. Greg loves to surf and has incorporated surfing into his ministries over the years in working with children and youth. He also enjoys hikes and the outdoors with the family. Greg is the author of the book Community Children: A Ministry of Hope and Restoration for the Street Dwelling Child and other articles and book chapters on vulnerable children and serving in missions.

Title of Main Stage Speech: “Embrace for Impact”
Workshop: Understanding God’s Heart for Children at Risk. Scripture is clear, God loves children who are at-risk in our world today. We’ll take a look at our roles as Jesus people in creating communities that are intentional about living out the mission of Christ as we seek justice and protect vulnerable children.

Mark Schaufler, Founder, MST Ministries

Mark Schaufler

My first degree in 1978 from Washington State University is in Environmental Science, and then In 1984 I completed a course for Ordination with the Assemblies of God. In 1996 I completed a Masters in Biblical Literature from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary and in 2005 an Intensive Spanish Course.

Since 1978 I have been married to Kristy Schaufler and we have three kids and six grandkids. My first mission trip was in 1986 and I have been out of the country numerous times every year since and now a total of 46 countries representing all of the continents except Antarctica.

We have lead 163 teams and traveled by myself over a hundred times as well. During those times we have done just about every kind of mission work imaginable.

Publications include Finish The Race –Know the Course (youth ministry), Creating Controlled Chaos volume one and two, Short Term Missions Pre book, volume one and two of A Month of Mission Stories-miracles and stories to inspire, Becoming a Disciples in a Busy World part ½, Conquer the Chaos-Know the Coaches, Nine Drama Volumes and a Video Series on Wounds, Anger and Suicide Prevention. I have also written for Vantage Point Magazine.

Title of Main Stage Speech: Stranger_________
Workshop: Making Your Short Term Mission Trip a WIN WIN WIN. Your teams can be a WIN for the participants, a WIN for the missionary/pastor your work with and a WIN for the people you minister too.  But that won’t happen without proper planning and preparation. Get the keys for a WIN WIN WIN experience whether it is a trip next door or at the end of the road in the middle of nowhere.

Paul Anderson, Executive Director, Skate Church

Paul AndersonIn 1987, Paul Anderson moved from his home town of San Luis Obispo CA, where he was a sponsored amateur skateboarder for Santa Cruz Skateboards, to attend Portland’s Multnomah Bible College. Soon after his arrival, Paul and his friend Clint Bidleman founded Skatechurch – a youth outreach ministry to skateboarders at an indoor skate park here in Portland, Oregon.  Paul graduated from Multnomah in 1993 with a Bachelor’s degree in Bible and Youth Ministry. Paul enjoys leading and preaching at Skatechurch, skateboarding, and building skate parks. Paul has helped start extreme sports outreaches with the Luis Palau Evangelistic Association, and has traveled the world building skate parks for Christian outreaches.  Paul is a member evangelist of the Luis Palau Evangelistic Association’s NGA.  He serves as the Executive Director of Skatechurch here in Portland (www.skatechurch.net).  Paul and his wife Heather love spending time with each other and their seven children.

Title of Main Stage Presentation: YOU are God’s Masterpiece, uniquely prepared to change the world for Jesus. Ephesian 2:10.

Workshop:  Ministry’s Lost Motivation: God’s Approval, Heaven, Eternal rewards and Eternal losses depending on what was or wasn’t done on Earth. Paul will trace Scriptural themes and teachings regarding doing ministry out of love for God and people, motivated by the hope and sureness of seeing God face to face, being in Heaven, and receiving eternal rewards after death.  Some believers will have greater status, rewards and responsibilities in Heaven depending on their faithfulness to God on earth.


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